The debate about surrogate mothers


A great new resource available through your local public library is Points of View Reference Centre.  This database provides students with an overview of a topic then 2 points of view for and against.  Each article is researched and written by experts.  One topic available on this database is Surrogate Mothers.  There are 4 main articles: Surrogate Parenting is a Useful Practice for Couples who are Unable to Conceive a Child.  Surrogate Motherhood Attacks Human Dignity by Buying and Selling Children.  Surrogate Mothers: An Overview and a Guide to Surrogate Mothers.  This is a fantastic source for topics in Family and Community Studies.  To get to the Points of View Reference Centre check your local public library website – you can access the database from home but you will need a Library card.

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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