UNI super boot camp from the FRANK TEAM

Uni Super Bootcamp – You guys kept asking, and we thought that it is about time we deliver. So……finally we have got the ridiculously awesome Uni Super Bootcamp that you wanted……

The checklist. Are you……  finishing high school?… off to Uni soon? … perhaps a little unsure of what to expect?  

If this is you, even slightly we got something that you will love.  In January 2011, we are putting together an action-packed, informative and fun Uni Super Bootcamp for those of you who are interested in preparing for Uni and staying ahead of the game! This is some of the “stuff” we will be looking at

  • How to make new friends SUPER QUICK at Uni
  • How to manage your time (and the stress) of exams, assignments, work, friends and everything else! 
  • How to get the most value from your Uni exp – and how to set the Foundations of Excellence in your career
  • How to find and pick the best subjects for  your future degree (we also look at subject changes, credit transfers and so much more)
  • How to make friends with your lecturers – and how to make the best of your time with them
  • The things to watch out for at Uni – things that could distract you and stop you achieving your best
  • Tips and tricks about student exchanges and international experiences
  • Secrets and little known activities that each Uni has – we fill you in on some great opportunities available to you (and which could look great in your CV!)
  • We set some goals to get you started on Uni success even before you get started
  • How to feel confident at Uni (and we even give you presentation tips so make an awesome first impression in class and with your friends)

 The Uni Bootcamp kicks off in January 2011 … What is the cost?… It costs $300 per person for this full day workshop including all resources, handouts and heaps of tips and tools. Guaranteed to make your UNI experience and future career plan work.  

Next steps… Contact Natasha E | Natasha@frankteam.com.au, F | +61 424 714 737

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