Youth Week in Manly – What’s On

“Jean Genies” – Thursday 10th April from 4pm-6pm come along to the launch of the “Jean Genies” NSW Travelling Pants project 2008. 4 pairs of jeans are being sent around the State of NSW and Manly is where they are starting from. Wear your Jeans and bring along another pair to decorate. Enquiries to Louise on 9976 1731. Pictured are the “Jean Genies” visiting Manly Beach
“Make a Move” – Thursday 17th April from 10.00am – 3pm the Manly Community Youth Council Members are getting together with the Aboriginal and Tibetan community to jam and mix a special cd for the National Youth Week Competition. Enquiries
to Kate on 9977 5599
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly

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