Henry Lawson and comparitive Australian Landscape writing

I recently had a request from a senior student, she was reading Henry Lawson for English and wanted to read some comparitive short stories that talked about the Australian landscape. The following list is worth exploring at your local public library, I haven’t looked at all these volumes yet (as we don’t have them all at Manly Library) but if you do use them please comment back to me on this blog as to whether they were useful. Some are anthologies of short stories by multiple authors, others are multiple short stories by the one author
Malouf, David – Antipodes
Malouf, David – Dream Stuff
Astley, Thea – Collected Stories
Astley, Thea – Hunting the Wild Pineapple
Astley, Thea -It’s Raining in Mango
Hospital, Janette Turner – Collected Stories 1970-1995
Hospital, Janette Turner – Dislocations
Hospital, Janette Turner – Isobars
Jolley,Elizabeth – various titles with the subtitle ‘Short stories’
White, Patrick – The Cockatoos
Winton, Tim – The Turning
Classic Australian Short Stories. Collected by Maggie Pickney
Australian classics by Jane Gleeson-White
The Faber Book of Contemporary Australian Short Stories
Australian Literature: An Anthology of Writing from the Land Down Under
The Macmillan Anthology of Australian Literature
Baynton, Barbara “The chosen vessel” was written in the 1800’s but is available on-line at the Australian classics website –
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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