Mashups wanted about Australian politics

Are you irreverent and satirical? Looking to engage with Australian democracy through creative means? Care about the state of Australian political culture?
Then ABC’s new show Q&A wants you to create a mash-up to close the show each week.
Q&A is a new program which puts punters, pollies and pundits together in the studio to thrash out the hot issues of the week. It’s about democracy in action – on Q&A the audience gets to ask the questions.
This is a shout out to film-makers all around Australia to have their say, through film. Submit your mash-up of one minute or less to
Email us with your contact details to once your video is uploaded. We will get in touch with you if your work gets chosen to feature on Q&A. Not only will the chosen filmmakers have their work aired on national television, they will also get a mention from Q&A and Lateline host Tony Jones. Stake your place in the political debate. Mash up now!
From a news item from the ABC network
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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