How did Women live in the time of Jane Austen?

This question has come in from a Senior Student who is studying some of the novels of Jane Austen. She has been asked to take a look historically at how women lived, and to try and find other written examples. Some suggestions that I have found are:

  • The Jane Austen handbook : a sensible yet elegant guide to her world – by Margaret Cox Sullivan
  • Ladies of the manor : wives and daughters in country-house society, 1830-1918 – By Pamela Horn
  • Good wives? : Mary, Fanny, Jennie & me, 1845-2001 – By Margaret Forster
  • The friendly Jane Austen : a well-mannered introduction to a lady of sense and sensibility – by Natalie Tyler
  • Governess: the lives and times of the real Jane Eyres – by Ruth Brandon
  • The Politics of Breastfeeding – by Gabrielle Palmer
  • Who cooked the Last Supper? : the women’s history of the world – By Rosalind Miles

Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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