Anime – using anime as an educational tool

Coming as part of the August Animania Festival in Sydney is the Animania Classroom
Take your seats ladies and gents, boys and girls! Leave your snoring hats at home and your eagerness to learn – Animania Festival presents a new seminar series in the Animania Classroom!! Are you… a parent who wants to know more about what your kids are watching? or, a teacher who is seeing an increase in students using anime in their artwork, their essays, patterning their folders, and are a bit stumped when they want to talk about it in class? maybe even a regular ‘joe’ or student who knows that anime and manga are different… but don’t really get why?
With the aid of university academics, industry professionals as well as some anime addicts, Animania Festival will aim to answer these questions and more! These introductory seminars will hopefully help you to find your feet in the vast seas of Japanese pop culture and leave you with a greater understanding of anime and manga.
And if you’re keen for more? Some of the seminars will dive a little deeper into the educational themes that can be found within anime and manga, including language in manga, manga as a learning tool, and cultural themes in anime. In particular, some presenters will take a closer look at Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, which may be relevant to those teaching or studying the HSC Japanese Extension course.
Each of these seminars will also come with specifically designed handouts that you can keep for handy reference later and to let you take notes.
And of course, we’ll try to keep it light! Though with a topic so unique, varied and quirky and Japanese pop culture, how can it be anything but fun??? Audience participation will definitely be welcome! More information about the August festival is at

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Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly

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