Be Careful of Mobile phone debt

Fair Trading Minister Linda Burney is recommending caution when using smart phone
technology and is encouraging people to avoid the download debt trap. “The latest
technology enables downloading of high volumes of data very quickly and with that comes the risk that users… could exceed their phone plan value very quickly.”
“It’s crucial that consumers carefully read the fine print in any contract.” “Young people will be tempted to make full use of the internet services available through the new smart phones, so with music downloads, YouTube videos, web browsing and emails, a data download bill could
easily become a data download debt trap.”
Ms Burney said consumers should also check to see if a carrier offered data usage monitoring. “Most carriers do offer monitoring services including internet-based usage checks and SMS messages alerting the user that they are approaching their plan’s limit,”
she said. “Many handsets also include data usage meters.
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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