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The following new resources have arrived at Manly Library – these and other Infocus articles designed for HSC students are available on Level 1. These articles are not available for loan.

The ethical backlash of corporate branding
This article discusses corporate branding and the rise of anti-brand activism. The authors dispel the idea that these trends are contradictory and argue that they have emerged from common sources, that is the move from industrial to post-industrial society and the development of globalisation. Suggestions for strategies that corporations can use to combat the anti-brand movement such as behaving in a socially responsible manner and balancing consumption values with life values are put forward.
Globalization and recent changes in the demography of Australian religious groups
This article discusses religious identification in Australia between the years 1947 to 2001. Using statistical data from the Australian censes the author highlights the decline in the Protestant establishment and the increase in religious diversity. The reasons behind these changes are also detailed, citing migration and globalisation as two key elements in changes in religious affiliation.
Adolescents and graffiti
This article discusses the relationship between adolescents and graffiti. The author looks at the various types of graffiti and the difference between public and private graffiti. Interviews with adolescents are drawn on to illustrate the important role graffiti plays in their lives and the validity of a school art curriculum that includes graffiti is discussed.
Making their mark: A psychodynamic view
This article discusses the reasons behind adolescent males’ graffiti writing. The author explores ideas of gender and sexual identity and the relationship these ‘writers’ have with the adult world. The power of graffiti to make sense of their world and feelings is also discussed.
Understanding urbanisation and the megacity in Southeast Asia
This extract examines urbanisation and the megacity phenomenon in Southeast Asia. The author explores the structure and geography of these cities as well as the social, cultural and economic functions they have. The influence of colonisation on Southeast Asian cities is also discussed as is the political and governance structures that contribute to the development of megacities.
The right not to be born: abortion of the disadvantaged fetus in contemporary Fatwas
This extract discusses Islamic medical ethics in relation to the disadvantaged foetus. The concept of ‘wrongful life’ and ‘wrongful birth’ in Islamic laws, Fatwa’s and essays is outlined. The author examines the complex ethics surrounding the abortion of the unhealthy or unwanted foetus in Islamic society. Comparisons between Islamic and Western thought on this issue are also discussed.
Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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