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3 new articles relevant to the book Romulus my Father, and the new English theme of Belonging have arrived at Manly Library. These articles have been purchased from the Infocus service at the State Library of NSW:

My father’s landscape
In this reflection of his memoir Gaita discusses events and relationships explored, painting a painful yet compassionate picture of his childhood and life with his father. Gaita’s relationship to the Australian landscape is also emphasised as having a profound impact upon the author’s sensibilities.
Romulus my father: scenes from a childhood
This article discusses the film adaptation. Themes of belonging and becoming, and sense of place are explored and the way in which these themes shape the drama of the young Raimond’s relationships, in particular with his father is examined. The portrayal of the intense emotion in the film is also discussed.
Multiculturalism and Universalism in Romulus My Father
This paper examines the themes of identity and belonging in Romulus My Father. The author discusses the attitudes that many Australians had to migrants in the 1950’s and the interaction between universal and cultural values. Complex questions of morality within Gaita’s parent’s relationship are also discussed as well as the difficult nature of judging a relationship written in memoir. Included is a reply by Gaita in response to the paper.

These articles are available for use on level 1 of the library, they are not available for loan
Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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