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Manly Library has just subscribed to the Alexander Street Press music collection: all databases can be accessed remotely from your home or school computer. You just a Manly Library card to use. The password is your Library Card number.
Classical Music Library is an ever-growing, fully searchable classical music resource—a comprehensive collection of distinguished classical recordings. It includes tens of thousands of licensed recordings that users can listen to on the Internet. The audio selections are cross-referenced to a database of supplementary reference information. It’s a dedicated library resource offering music licensed from major labels.
African American Song With jazz, blues, gospel, and other forms of African American musical expression represented, African American Music brings 50,000 tracks of music to the ears of music scholars. It’s the first online resource to document the history of African American music in the form of an online music listening service.
Smithsonian Global Sound
is a virtual encyclopedia of the world’s musical and aural traditions. The collection provides educators, students, and interested listeners with an unprecedented variety of online resources that support the creation, continuity, and preservation of diverse musical forms. The collection includes an extraordinary array of more than 35,000 individual tracks of music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds.
American Song Contemporary
is a history collection that contains 50,000 songs that users listen to over the Internet. Much more than a repository of well known classics like Yankee Doodle and The Star Spangled Banner, this new resource includes music that relates to almost every walk of American life, every ethnic group, and every time period. You’ll find songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers, and cowboys. There are the songs of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and anti-war protests. There are hymns, funny songs, college songs, sea shanties, shape note songs, and songs about topics as diverse as New York and electricity.
World Music
takes listeners around the globe to experience the vibrancy, history, customs, politics, personalities, struggles, and joys of diverse peoples and cultures. The breadth of this collection is impressive, incorporating contemporary reggae, worldbeat, neo-traditional, world fusion, Balkanic jazz, African film, Bollywood, Arab swing and jazz, and other genres. Traditional music such as Indian classical, fado, flamenco, klezmer, zydeco, gospel, gagaku is also featured to round out the offerings and allow you to see the progression that music has made through the ages.
to access these databases visit – select Library, then on-line databases
Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly

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