Unpaid trial work – there is no such thing

Young job hunters need to know there is no such thing as unpaid trial work. So if you are offered
work, even if only for a few hours, you must be paid. It is illegal under existing NSW laws for an employer not to pay workers for any work that they do and they can be prosecuted.
Getting a job should be a positive experience for young people and that should not include getting ripped off. Every year the NSW Office of Industrial Relations helps young people with complaints about unpaid trials and recovers lost wages.

The law protects young workers under 18 and they can get help to recover unpaid wages.
For more information call the NSW Office of Industrial Relations on 131 628
or visit the Young
People at Work website www.youngpeopleatwork.nsw.gov.au

John Hatzistergos, NSW Minister for Industrial Relations SAYs
Young people looking to boost their wallets with part-time or casual work over the holiday
season should watch out for employers offering illegal unpaid trials. Some unscrupulous employers would be tempted to take advantage of young people looking for work during the busiest trading time of the year

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