Bicycle riding challenge

nrmaAre you keen to keep up your physical activity through your senior years at School?  Why not take the 2009 NRMA Gold Medal Challenge


The challenge invites secondary school students to register via the website ( and clock up 500km on their bike. Any ride can count towards the goal, including to school, mountain biking with friends or simply a ride to the local park or shops. Students taking part in the challenge are in the running to win some great prizes including velodrome workshops, a fitness session with Ironman Champion Guy Leech, cycle computers and a number of other cycling accessories. The challenge is also open to teachers with a subscription to Australian Cyclist magazine and a road safety workshop for their school up for grabs. It’s free to take part, registrations are open until 18th December 2009 and participants have until March 2010 to reach the 500km goal.

 The aim of the challenge is to raise physical activity levels and promote safe and responsible cycling among secondary students in NSW. Throughout the duration of the challenge Bicycle NSW and the NRMA Motoring and Services will provide participants with a number of resources to increase awareness about road rules, bicycle maintenance and responsible riding.

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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