Have your say – ENROL TO VOTE!

Have your say, enrol to vote today! Did you know Australians aged 18 to 24 years account for nearly one third of people missing from the electoral roll?

It is compulsory for all Australians to enrol to vote once they turn 18 years. And at 17 you can enrol so you’ll be ready to vote once you turn 18. Being enrolled to vote provides you with the opportunity to have your say about the direction of Australia and issues that matter to you. And if you wait to enrol until the last minute you run a real risk of missing out on your vote at election time. So if you’re 17-years-old or over, so head to the AEC website and enrol to vote today.   Access an enrolment form onlinelogo-aec at http://www.aec.gov.au/Enrolling_to_vote/online.htm

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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