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Infocus: linking people and information
Infocus is an innovative service that links students studying for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC) with information from the State Library of New South Wales.
Specialist staff research the vast collections of the State Reference and Mitchell Libraries to identify HSC-related resources that represent a diversity of viewpoints and text types.
Some Infocus items are reproductions of rare and unique heritage materials.
Infocus provides material that is

  • specially chosen for its relevance to HSC topics, texts and issues
  • drawn from Australian and international sources
  • often hard to locate without visiting the State Library of New South Wales
  • copyright cleared so that it can be maintained in member libraries collections

Infocus items can be ordered by everyone and are delivered by mail or fax from the State Library to your home, school or library. Prepayment by cheque or credit card is required. Items can also be purchased at the Library, Macquarie St., Sydney. Schools and libraries can become members of Infocus and receive printed copies of the complete Topic List of resources, as well as enjoying additional member benefits.

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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