Australian Youth Music Council

The Australian Youth Music Council (AYMC), formed in 2009, is committed to the development of young Australians in music across a diverse range of genres and fields. Working in tandem with the Music Council of Australia, AYMC members will form a common platform for any musical venture in which young people are active. The Council aims to enrich music education nationwide, and to support artists as well as organisers from every field in their pursuit of a career and in their enjoyment of music in all its forms.

The current members of the AYMC are: Alex Masso (Chair), Kellie Bates (Vice Chair), Daniel Ward (Secretary), Rowan Brand (Treasurer), Andrew Stone, Jehan Kanga, James “Jimblah” Alberts, Tim Price and Erinn Swa.  Last week the AYMC launched ourselves online with the AYMC website and our  Facebook and Twitter profiles (see links on website) so please join us if you’re interested in music for young people.  Our group has young people  from across Australia who are involved in a variety of genres (contemporary music, jazz, early music, classical, hip hop etc) and with different experiences in the music industry.  If you’re interested, take a look at the new website (http://aymc.org.au/) and keep in touch!

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library ( from the AYMC website)

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