Human Rights Resources

New teaching resources will help students understand human rights

 Teachers and students now have access to a new range of interactive human rights education resources, just released by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

“Human rights education is critical if we are to make real inroads in our efforts towards true social inclusion in Australia.  Commission President Ms Branson said the rightsEd resource includes a range of interactive education activities for teachers and students which introduce human rights concepts in an engaging and relevant way. rightsED is guided by a clear set of education principles and learning outcomes and consists of nine resources which each feature activities around different human rights issues and topics searchable by the Key Learning Area into which they fit. 

The nine resources in the new range include: Understanding human rights, Commemorate Human Rights Day, Child rights, Bringing them home, Face the Facts, Voices of Australia, Disability Rights – What about Doug’s Rights?, Young people in the workplace, and Tackling sexual harassment.

All resources are available free online at

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

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