Suggestions for Related Texts

We have compiled a list of HSC English suggested related texts and resources based on the 2009-2012 Area of Study: Belonging. This list will be continually updated and is intended as a guide only of suggested titles for additional texts for the student’s choosing. Many of these resources are available for loan in your local library.

Exploring the Concept of Belonging

Relationship Alienation The Black Sheep
Affinity Isolation The Deviant
Acceptance Disconnected The Drifter
Fellowship Estrangement The Misfit
Association Outcast The Outsider
Loyalty Divorce The Pariah
Attachment Withdrawal The Rebel
Inclusion Separation The Whistleblower
Rapport Remoteness  
Affiliation Indifference Out-of-the-way
Kinship Disaffection In the Middle of Nowhere
Togetherness Loneliness  
Closeness Exile Issues of Citizenship
Membership Insularity Issues of Identity
Community Segregation  
Solidarity Distant Belonging to the text
Family Otherness Exclusion from the text
Understanding Displacement  
Conformity Exclusion  

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