Related Texts – Documentary Film & TV

A Fair Go – Winning The 1967 Referendum
Apology To The Stolen Generations Of Australia, The
Australian Biography: Extraordinary Australians Talk About Their Lives – Various clips available online
Australian Story – Various (ABC Documentary TV Series)
Blackout – Best Kept Secret – Archie Roach
Bowling For Columbine
Bridge Over Myall Creek
Compass – Stolen Generation
Compass – Various (ABC Documentary TV Series)
Four Corners – About Woomera (Warning! contains disturbing footage)
Four Corners – Dangerous Ground
Four Corners – Riot And Revenge – Cronulla Riot
Darwin’s Nightmare
Family Footsteps – takes Australians to live the lives they might have led, if their parents had not migrated to Australia
First Australians, The – SBS series & companion website that chronicles contemporary Australia from the perspective of its first people, Indigenous Australians. Also see episode study guides
Grizzly Man
Mabo: Life Of An Island Man
March Of The Penguins, The
Message Stick – Ripples From Wave Hill
Night & Fog (Nuit Et Brouillard)
One People Sing Freedom
Some Kind Of Monster
Sorrow & The Pity, The (Le Chagrin Et Al Pitie)

Related Texts