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A Is For Aunty Bob Graham
A True Person Gabiann Marin
Alley Oops Janice Levy; Illus. by C.B. Decker
Ali The Bold Heart Jane Jolly & Elise Hurst
Always Adam Sheldon Oberman
An Ordinary Day Libby Gleeson; Illus. by Armin Greder
Angel Child, Dragon Child Michele Maria Surat; Illus. by Vo Dinh Mai
Annie, The Invisible Girl Ulises Wensell
Away! Away! Julie Hunt; Illus. by Priscilla Nielsen.
Barack Obama: Son Of Promise, Child Of Hope Nikki Grimes; Illus. by Bryan Collier
Baseball Saved Us Ken Mochizuki
Basil, The Loneliest Boy In The Block Jason Timlock
Beginnings Chris Sutton
Belonging Jeannie Baker
Big Swim, The Christobel Mattingley
Black Dog Pamela Allen
Boy And His Robot Asun Balzola
Boy With Two Eyes Ulises Wensell
Brave Charlotte Anu Stohner
Bubble, The Josie Montano & Matt Ottley
Burnt Stick, The Anthony Hill; Illus. by Mark Sofila
Catwings Ursula Le Guin
Cherry Pie Gretel Killeen; Illus. by Francesca Patridge & Franck Dubuc
Children And The Silly Kings Nella Bosnia
Children Who Learned To Smile Karin Schubert
Cinderella Charles Perrault
Colour Of Home, The Mary Hoffman & Karin Littlewood
Constantine The Great A.B. Patterson
Daisy Comes Home Jan Brett
Do Not Go Around The Edges Daisy Utemorrah; Illus. by Pat Torres
Downsized Mike Dumbleton; Illus. by Tom Jellett
Erika’s Story Ruth Vander Zee
Giant Child Carme Sole
Girl With No Name Asun Balzola
Great Joy Kate DiCamillo; Illus. by Bagram Ibatoulline
Greetings From Sandy Beach Bob Graham
Grey Mouse Anke De Vries
Hansel And Gretel Brothers Grimm
Henry & Amy Stephen Michael King
Hidden Child Isaac Millman
Home And Away John Marsden; Illus. by Matt Ottley
Hundred Dresses, The Eleanor Estes; Illus. by Louis Slobodkin
I Am Pangoo The Penguin Satomi Ichikawa
Idjhil Helen Bell
Island , The Armin Greder
Isabella’s Bed Alison Lester
Jack & Jim Kitty Crowther
Journey Home Lawrence McKay
Kinder Hat, The Morag Loh & Illus. by Donna Rawlins
Let’s Be Friends Inger Sandberg
Let’s Eat Ana Zamorano & Illus. by Julie Vivas
Little Beaver And The Echo, The Amy MacDonald; Illus. by Sarah Fox-Davies
Lost And Found Oliver Jeffers
Lost Thing, The Shaun Tan
Luke’s Way Of Looking Nadia Wheatley; Illus. by Matt Ottley
Man Who Loved Boxes, The Stephen Michael King
Mariana & The Merchild Caroline Pitcher; Illus. by Jackie Morris
Mates Weldon Kids
Memorial Gary Crew; Illus. by Shaun Tan
Millicent Jeannie Baker
Milli, Jack And The Dancing Cat Stephen Michael King
My Hiroshima Junko Morimoto
Mokee The White Possum Leslie Rees
Mutt Dog! Stephen Michael King
My Name Was Hussein Hristo Kyuchukov
My Name Is Yoon Helen Recorvitis
Nappy Hair Carolivia Herron
Natemba Annette Lodge
Night Hawk Star, The Junko Morimoto & Helen Smith
Oh, Kipper! Janet McClean
Old Magic Alan Baille; Illus. by Di Wu
Peace Crane Sheila Hamanaka
Peasant Prince, The Li Cunxin & Anne Spudvilas
Pebble: A Story About Belonging Susan Milford
Pigs And Honey Jeanie Adams
Rabbits, The John Marsden; Illus. by Shaun Tan
Race, The Christobel Mattingley; Illus. by Anne Spudvilas
Rainbow Irena Sibley
Rainbow Bird Czenya Cavouras
Rebel! Alan Baillie & Di Wu (illustrator)
Sandy The Cane Train Jean Chapman
Snow White Brothers Grimm
Space Travellers Margaret Wild
Tales From Outer Surburbia Shaun Tan
Red Book, The Barbara Lehman
Red Tree, The Shaun Tan
Refugees David Miller
Requiem For A Beast: A Work For Image, Word And Music Matt Ottley
Singing Hat, The Tohby Riddle
Snook Takes A Dip Colin Thiele
Spirit Of Hope Bob Graham
Storybook Children Nella Bosnia
Swimmy Leo Lionni
Tacky The Penguin Helen Lester
Tale Of Smidgin Teale, The Anne Reddell
Tales From Outer Suburbia Shaun Tan
Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen
Ugly Duckling, The Hans Christian Andersen
Very Lonely Firefly, The Eric Carle
Two Tough Teddies Kilmeny Niland
Town Mouse, Country Mouse Jan Brett
Veronica Roger Duvoisin
Very Best Of Friends Margaret Wild
Waltzing Matilda A.B. Paterson & Desmond Digby (illustrator)
Way Home Libby Hathorn; Illus. by Gregory Rogers
White Socks Only Evelyn Coleman
Woolvs In The Sitee Margaret Wild
Wrong Hands, The Nigel Richardson
You And Me: Our Place Leonie Norrington; Illus. by Dee Huxley
Yowie That Nobody Wanted Heidi Lee

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