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HSC Talks Feedback

Thanks to all those who attended our recnt HSC talks. The Northern Beaches Libraries held 6 HSC workshops this year, with 113 people attending, and 17 educational institutions represented. From the evaluation forms 94% were satisfied that the worshops met expectations, 97% found the time convenient, 98% found the speaker was of high quality, 96% found theinformation presented useful. Planning is already underway for more senior High School student talks and workshops in 2008
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Have you been Ripped Off!!

Ripped Off? – Ripped Off is a new blog where you get to tell your story about when you’ve been ripped off and what you’ve done about it. – Fair Trading wants to know what problems you have had getting a refund or returning faulty goods. They also want to know any issues you have had with mobile phones, cars and credit card debt. Your stories will enable them to develop further programs to help young people understand their consumer rights. All NSW bloggers go into the draw to win one of ten $100 shopping vouchers so start blogging now!
The Ripped off blog is at :
If you want to check up on your consumer rights your local library has information in their LIAC collections – there are also brochures available to take home
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Is all Graffiti Bad???

YAPA the Youth Action Policy Assocation would like your views about graffiti to assist in a submission to the NSW Government. If you have an opinion about any of these questions please e-mail a reply to
1. What is your view on the legal uses of aerosal paint such as legal walls and graffiti programs?
2. Do you see a socail benefit to providing legal uses of aerosal paint?
3. Given legitimate uses of aerosal paint, do you think a ban on the sale os aerosal paint is appropriate?
The dealine for any comments is this Friday
Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly Library