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Unpaid trial work – there is no such thing

Young job hunters need to know there is no such thing as unpaid trial work. So if you are offered
work, even if only for a few hours, you must be paid. It is illegal under existing NSW laws for an employer not to pay workers for any work that they do and they can be prosecuted.
Getting a job should be a positive experience for young people and that should not include getting ripped off. Every year the NSW Office of Industrial Relations helps young people with complaints about unpaid trials and recovers lost wages.

The law protects young workers under 18 and they can get help to recover unpaid wages.
For more information call the NSW Office of Industrial Relations on 131 628
or visit the Young
People at Work website

John Hatzistergos, NSW Minister for Industrial Relations SAYs
Young people looking to boost their wallets with part-time or casual work over the holiday
season should watch out for employers offering illegal unpaid trials. Some unscrupulous employers would be tempted to take advantage of young people looking for work during the busiest trading time of the year

Driving you crazy? L Plate & P Plate survey

Help YAPA research the impact of the NSW licence changes:
❏ 120 hour logbook for Learner drivers
❏ passenger restrictions for P Platers
❏ vehicle restrictions for P Platers.
Our Driving you crazy? survey is for NSW young people – whether you:
❏ are not yet learning to drive
❏ are on your L’s or P’s
❏ got your full unrestricted licence after July 2007.
Follow this link to do the on-line survey
Survey results need to be completed by 1st March 2009
Posted by Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly

Drug info@your library for the HSC

This website is a great resource for HSC students. There is information on alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs; drug and alcohol effects; mental, health and drug & alcohol use; how to talk to others about drug use and where to go for help. is a gateway to both factsheets and detailed information. There is a specific section for Students and Teachers which is particularly useful for PDHPE and Society and Culture students.
Books and booklets are available in public libraries throughout NSW. Free pamphlets are also available for students to take home

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library (from a SLNSW information sheet)

New HOT topics, great for Legal Studies students

Hot Topics
There are two great new recently released Hot Topics:
Human rights and Domestic violence.
Human rights provides an overview of human rights law from its origins and sources, through to the development of modern human rights law. It examines how human rights law operates in Australia, with reference to current issues, and includes the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and further information resources. It is a great resource for HSC Legal Studies students studying the Human Rights topic.
Domestic violence defines domestic violence, gives a detailed explanation of the law on apprehended violence orders, and discusses other legal remedies. It is a very useful resource for those Legal Studies students studying the Crime or Family topic.
Check these publications out at your school library or local public library
Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library
(from the LIAC E-News November 2008)