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Are you doing the theme of “discovery” in year 11 English?

You might be practising a “theme” in Year 11 English.  Discovery is an old theme from past HSC years, and when you study this you sometimes have to find some related texts.  Often your teacher would like you to find texts that are not novels, like a film, or a poem or a newspaper article.  Discovery is not a difficult theme – there are lots of discoveries made in history, in science and in geography. 

Try finding an historical event and someone who has written about it eg the discovery of Australia by people other than Captain Cook, the discovery of gold, the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.  You don’t need a whole book, just a diary excerpt, or a newspaper article.  Try also some movies eg  The Secret Garden, The Mission, Medicine Man, Madame Curie.

Louise, Youth Librarian, Manly

Do you need $$$’s to get an idea going?

The Youth Participation Grants Program is now running into its third year. Having been initially set up as a pilot program targeting only 4 regions in NSW in 2007, the grants program was expanded to cover the entire state last year.

Over the past few years, YAPA has been fortunate enough to help fund an extremely diverse range of projects which were all set up and run by young people. Some of the highlights from last year include the establishment of a youth space in the Corowa Shire, the opening of a late night café for young people in Dubbo, a series of dance workshops in Wollongong, a festival of plays in Fairfield, and a massive break dance competition in Bankstown.

These examples, plus all of the other projects that have been run so far, clearly demonstrate that when it comes to putting on fun and interesting stuff for young people, it’s often young people themselves who know what’s best. The possibilities for the types of projects that may be funded are limited only by the imagination of young people and their dedication to seeing it through.

So if you, or a group of young people that you know, have some great ideas for a project in your community, then why not check out our website: for more information about how you can apply for a grant.
The closing date for this year’s funding round is 24 April 2009.
Information from the YAPA newsletter
posted by Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Have Your Say about GLOBAL POVERTY

The Australian Youth Forum wants to hear what you have to say about Global Poverty , follow this link to the site:

The Australian Youth Forum (AYF) is run by the Australian Government as a communication channel between the Government, young people (aged 15 – 24) and the organisations that work with, for and on behalf of young people. On the website are listed the current debates/topics, you have your say and when the topic closes the information is forwarded to the Minister for Youth, Kate Ellis MP.

The AYF would also like to thank those who have contributed to the discussion topics of ‘Violence and Safety’, ‘Contributing to Democracy‘ and ‘Human Rights’. These boards are now closed and all the ideas, views and opinions have been sent to the Minister. The Forum is all about young people engaging in on-going public debate inputing into policy and decision making on issues that affect your life now and in the future.
Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly