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Digitised Australian newspapers now on-line

  At TROVE you can search in Australian historical newspapers.  As at                 December 2009 the millionth page of Australian newspaper history was made available.   There will be 40 million articles available by 2011.

Digitisation of Australian newspapers started in 2007 and 4.4 million pages were targeted for digitisation over 4 years to be complete and publicly accessible as full text articles by June 2010. 3 million of the identified 4.4 million pages have been scanned from microfilm into digital images so far. Of the 3 million scanned pages 1 million have been converted into full text articles  and are publicly available. The remaining pages will be made available from now through til June 2010.  The 1 million pages publicly available amounts to 10 million articles with coverage dates of 1803 -1954.

Public users of the newspapers can enhance the data by fixing the text on-line.  So far 8.13 million lines of text in 368,390 articles have been “fixed”. 

A key primary source the  Sydney Morning Herald’s first 70 years are now  available from 1831-1901.  Some issues of the Sydney Morning Herald are missing and are being sourced in hard copy from locations  around Australia and will be added asap in 2010. 

TROVE is part of the National Library of Australia’s website

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Protecting YOUR reputation on-line

There is a new video out for young web users called

“Protecting Reputations Online”:

This short video is by the people at CommonCraft and it explains the long term risks of sharing inappropriate information online.

It encourages viewers to “think before you click” and offers tips for being
responsible with photos, video and stories.
The video includes information about  Why photos are permanent on the web,  Future consequences of sharing inappropriate information,  Tips for protecting reputations (personal and friends),  What to do when inappropriate info is shared

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly