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Australian Youth Music Council

The Australian Youth Music Council (AYMC), formed in 2009, is committed to the development of young Australians in music across a diverse range of genres and fields. Working in tandem with the Music Council of Australia, AYMC members will form a common platform for any musical venture in which young people are active. The Council aims to enrich music education nationwide, and to support artists as well as organisers from every field in their pursuit of a career and in their enjoyment of music in all its forms.

The current members of the AYMC are: Alex Masso (Chair), Kellie Bates (Vice Chair), Daniel Ward (Secretary), Rowan Brand (Treasurer), Andrew Stone, Jehan Kanga, James “Jimblah” Alberts, Tim Price and Erinn Swa.  Last week the AYMC launched ourselves online with the AYMC website and our  Facebook and Twitter profiles (see links on website) so please join us if you’re interested in music for young people.  Our group has young people  from across Australia who are involved in a variety of genres (contemporary music, jazz, early music, classical, hip hop etc) and with different experiences in the music industry.  If you’re interested, take a look at the new website ( and keep in touch!

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library ( from the AYMC website)

Human Rights Resources

New teaching resources will help students understand human rights

 Teachers and students now have access to a new range of interactive human rights education resources, just released by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

“Human rights education is critical if we are to make real inroads in our efforts towards true social inclusion in Australia.  Commission President Ms Branson said the rightsEd resource includes a range of interactive education activities for teachers and students which introduce human rights concepts in an engaging and relevant way. rightsED is guided by a clear set of education principles and learning outcomes and consists of nine resources which each feature activities around different human rights issues and topics searchable by the Key Learning Area into which they fit. 

The nine resources in the new range include: Understanding human rights, Commemorate Human Rights Day, Child rights, Bringing them home, Face the Facts, Voices of Australia, Disability Rights – What about Doug’s Rights?, Young people in the workplace, and Tackling sexual harassment.

All resources are available free online at

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Gap year

Gap Year and Student Exchange Expo’s

Get bitten by the travel bug!

Do you want to travel the world?

The Gap Year and Student Exchange Expo’s are for students interested in travelling, working and studying abroad. The evenings will be FREE to all that attend, and will be lightly catered for with tea and coffee.


22nd June— Pennant Hills Bowling Club, Pennant Hills

23rd June—Dougherty Centre, Chatswood

24th June—Warringah Mall Community Centre, Brookvale @ 6pm

For more information, please contact Adam Makepeace on 99073133. A NBBEN and HillsSIP initiative servicing the Sydney North Region.

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly (from the NBBEN newsletter)

Should R18+ computer games be sold in Australia?

 R 18+ computer games – some people think that R18+ computer games should not be sold in Australia because the games have a lot of violence or sex, and they are worried that children and young people will be able to play these games, with or without their parents knowing. Other people think that R18+ computer games should be sold in Australia because adults can make up their own minds about whether or not they should play these games, and they will keep them away from children and young people.  You can have your say on this matter by voting on-line at


Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Kokoda Track website now live!

The Kokoda Track website has been set up by the Commonwealth Government Dept of Veteran Affairs in conjunction with the staff of the NSW Board of Studies.

Included are details of topography, animated maps and video interviews.  This will be a great source for students studying this topic as part of Australia in World War 2.

The website is at

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Write in Your Face 2010

In 2010 Express Media is giving young people,  the chance to apply to Write in Your Face, a program of support funded by the Literature Board of the Australia Council .

Express Media invites proposals from young writers who are using language in innovative ways. This may involve writing for zines, e-zines, comics, multimedia, multi-artforms or cross-media works, websites, live performance and spoken word. Collaborative and multimedia projects are encouraged.

‘We’re really excited to be able to offer this opportunity’ says Express Media’s Artistic Director Bel Schenk. ‘It was great to see so many innovative projects get up last year. So many young writers were involved in new and exciting projects and we are proud to be in the position to help make these projects happen’.

You may apply for up to $5000 but must be aged 30 years or younger at the time of application to apply.

Applications close 14th May 2010.  writeinyourfaceapplication.pdf (application/pdf)  FAQs 2010.pdf (application/pdf)

 Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library (from the Express Media website)

Extra databases available through the State Library of NSW

The State Library of NSW has a rolling program to increase the availability of online content for NSW residents who have State Library readers cards ( ).  The following products are available for personal use access from home via the State Library website. An  Additional seventeen full text and index database covering a wide range of subject areas were made available on our Access to database from home ( )page recently. They are:

– BiographyResourceCenter

 – Book Review Index Online Plus


 -Shakespeare Collection

– Applied Science Full Text

– Art Full Text

– Book Review Digest Plus

– Essay and General Literature Index

– Legal Periodicals Full Text

– Library Literature and Information Science Full Text

– Biography Reference Bank

– Education Full Text

– General Science Full Text

– Humanities Full Text

– Readers Guide Full Text

– Short Story Index

– Social Sciences Full Text Other new contents added are retrospective indexes that go back to the time when these indexes were first published.such as:

– Applied Science and Business Periodicals Retrospective

– Art Retrospective

– Book Review Digest Retrospective

– Essay and General Literature Retrospective

– Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective

– Biography Index Retrospective

– Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective

– Readers Guide Retrospective

– Short Story Index Retrospective

Louise McMorland, Manly Library, from an e-list posting from the SLNSW