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Measures of Australia’s Progress – ABS

Produced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this publication is designed to help Australians address the question, ‘Is life in Australia getting better?’. MAP provides a digestible selection of statistical evidence in answer to this question. Australians can use this evidence to form their own view of how our country is progressing.  Covering topics such as health, work, education, income, housing, biodiversity, included are charts showing how Australia has progressed (or not!) over time for each topic.

1370.0 – Measures of Australia’s Progress, 2010  is on the website.  The direct link is

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UNI super boot camp from the FRANK TEAM

Uni Super Bootcamp – You guys kept asking, and we thought that it is about time we deliver. So……finally we have got the ridiculously awesome Uni Super Bootcamp that you wanted……

The checklist. Are you……  finishing high school?… off to Uni soon? … perhaps a little unsure of what to expect?  

If this is you, even slightly we got something that you will love.  In January 2011, we are putting together an action-packed, informative and fun Uni Super Bootcamp for those of you who are interested in preparing for Uni and staying ahead of the game! This is some of the “stuff” we will be looking at

  • How to make new friends SUPER QUICK at Uni
  • How to manage your time (and the stress) of exams, assignments, work, friends and everything else! 
  • How to get the most value from your Uni exp – and how to set the Foundations of Excellence in your career
  • How to find and pick the best subjects for  your future degree (we also look at subject changes, credit transfers and so much more)
  • How to make friends with your lecturers – and how to make the best of your time with them
  • The things to watch out for at Uni – things that could distract you and stop you achieving your best
  • Tips and tricks about student exchanges and international experiences
  • Secrets and little known activities that each Uni has – we fill you in on some great opportunities available to you (and which could look great in your CV!)
  • We set some goals to get you started on Uni success even before you get started
  • How to feel confident at Uni (and we even give you presentation tips so make an awesome first impression in class and with your friends)

 The Uni Bootcamp kicks off in January 2011 … What is the cost?… It costs $300 per person for this full day workshop including all resources, handouts and heaps of tips and tools. Guaranteed to make your UNI experience and future career plan work.  

Next steps… Contact Natasha E |, F | +61 424 714 737

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Belonging – picture books

Are you looking for a picture book for the theme of Belonging?  Although many picture books are designed for young children, some newer writers and illustrators have published picture books with more adult themes.  These authors include Shaun Tan, Gary Crew and Margaret Wild.

On the inside break site we have listed a large number of picture books that could be used as a related text for belonging.  Follow this link for the list:

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Cyberlaw on Hot Topics

The Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC) at the State Library Of NSW publish a magazine called Hot Topics.  They have a recent issue on Cyberlaw.  It covers consumer protection, privacy, cybercrime, spam and social networking issues, with case studies and sources of further information.  Here is a link to further information about this Hot Topic:

LIAC  has also created a web page for Legal Studies students to help them find information about technology – including the topic of Cyber Security. This page links to websites and good resources on this topic:

The HSC Legal Studies section at the State Library of NSW has several posts related to Cyber issues.  These blog posts are relevant to anyone interested in this topic.  You might want to read these posts:

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L plate theory and iphone app

NSW learner drivers will now be able to practice their L plate theory using a new iPhone application.

The RTA NSW Practice Driver Knowledge Test is available through iTunes for anyone wanting to get their licence. Last year, the RTA issued 169,552 learner driver licences, 108,363 P1 licences and 93,535 P2 licences. The new app simulates the theoretical test with 45 questions from a possible 600, it provides the answers and a score – showing learners where they need to improve.

Read more about this and other recent changes to the under 18’s drivers licenses at

Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

Digital book about on-line safety

  “Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online”  is a  free Digital Book about on-line safety.      

 Microsoft have published this book by  security expert and author, Linda McCarthy, free online

This book is designed for anyone who is:

  • In fear of drive-by downloads of nasty adware, spyware, and viruses
  • Anxious about scareware and ransomware
  • Trying to stay safe on social networking sites
  • Concerned about online predators and identity thieves
  • Scattering secrets to the wind in favorite hot spots
  • Shopping online without protection
  • Unsure of the risks about webcams and sexting
  • Dealing with cyberbullies at home or in school
  • Blogging alone and in the dark

posted by Louise McMorland, Youth Librarian, Manly Library

NSW Industrial Relations – Young People at Work Website


NSW Industrial Relations has a one-stop-shop website designed specifically with young workers in mind. 

 It includes warnings about unpaid work trials as well as practical tips on resolving workplace issues. Go to