The teaching method of Australian teachers is very different from the Italian one and looks more like the American one. Australian school students not only learn from the classroom lessons given by their teachers, but also perform numerous projects and research, group work, e-learning and interactive classroom lessons.

The verifications are not only written or oral as in Italy: in fact, in Australia the method of group work with Power Point presentations, individual research projects is preferred. Obviously, these methods are also accompanied by the more traditional classroom tests.

How to go to high school in Australia?
The first thing you need to know if you are thinking of attending high school in Australia (a quarter / semester, 9 months, a year or two years) is that not all high schools accept international students. You will therefore have to look for a high school that will allow it.

But do not worry! This is why we at LAE will help you in your choice and give you all the information you need. We have numerous partnerships with all public high schools in Australia, so you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Know that there are no schools in Australia for Italians, and that therefore, you will have to study in the local high schools with the Aussies boys.

Also, remember that it is not possible to attend the last year of high school abroad for the purpose of obtaining the diploma. You must necessarily obtain the diploma in Italy, but you can still attend any other year at an Australian school.

Know that in order to study in Australia you will need to have a visa. The most suitable one for you is definitely the Student Visa.

If you choose to study in high school in Australia you will live with a local family who will host you throughout your stay.

This way you can get to know Australian culture better, improve your English and never feel alone! Because the host family will be your main point of reference and, we are sure, you will be able to feel like a real family member!

Are you considering studying in high school in Australia ? Choose to go with us to LAE and attend one of our partner public schools!

Furthermore, if after your school year you want to stay to work in Australia with the working holiday visa, or take another training course, such as following a professional course, studying at an Australian university or you would like to study English in Australia , contact us , and we will help you and explain how to do it.